Why is Google My Business Page Important for My Business?

Creating an awesome website is only the first step to marketing your business. The next step, and perhaps the most important, is to ensure that your potential customers can find your business online. Today, the most popular search engine is Google and your marketing efforts should be to take advantage of all the tools that Google offers.

Google has many awesome tools that help web developers rank their websites and make them visible to potential customers. One such tool is Google My Business Page and it should always be the first step in establishing your online business identity.

Many small businesses fail to properly optimize their Google My Business Page correctly and many have not even claimed their listing. At FSJ Webdesign, we know how to optimize your Google My Business Page to increase your online visibility and in turn drive more customers to your business.

When properly used your Google My Business page can becomes a platform for you to communicate with your potential customers and establish trust with them while answering their questions, accepting reviews, adding services, working hours, locations, posts and much more.

This is how the backend of a Google My Business Page looks. Each of these sections needs to be fully completed but more importantly it needs to be completed correctly so it complies with Google’s search algorithm.

A properly set up Google My Business Page will not only provide the potential customer with important business information, it will also help with Search Engine Optimization for your business’s website, which if used correctly can increase your visibility on Google search. Study after study has shown that increased customer engagement with your Google My Business Page leads to higher customer conversion and increased revenue for your business.

These same studies have shown that while a properly setup Google My Business Page will improve your chances of online visibility, an improperly optimized Google My Business page might actually harm your business’s visibility on the Internet. Critically incorrect information on your Google My Business page will destroy customer trust and the reputation of your business.

At FSJ Web design we are here to help, we will not only setup a Google My Business Page for your business that is properly optimized to increase online visibility but we can also help you register your business information in the other most commonly used search portals like, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo and more for a very affordable price.

Contact us today to help you improve your business visibly and increase your chances to reach potential customers by properly optimize your Google My Business page.

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